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Here at S & N Industries we have over 70 years of combined experience in both commercial and residential roofing. We are fully equipped and experienced in all types of roofing to include but not limited to...

* Tile Roofing

* Slate Roofing

* TPO Roofing

* EPDM Roofing

* Metal Roofing

* Shingle Roofing

* Copper Roofing


With our In-House sheet metal fabrication shop we ensure that everything is a perfect fit. We can make custom gutters, down spouts and flashings in your choice of manufacturers colors to match your roof. We are licensed to install all major roofing manufacturers systems to include...

* Firestone

* Versico

* Johns Manville

* Carlisle

* Ludowici

* Owens Corning

* Duro-Last

* Englert

For your Roofing Needs give us a call or email today for an Estimate.

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